Leaky Gut Product Buyer’s Guide (updated March 2024)

Carlyle Leaky Gut Support Review

Carlyle has a product that is directed at overall digestive health and comfort to promote a better metabolism and maintain a healthy gut. Carlyle is a company committed to ensuring its supplements are all-natural and pure, combined with the most advanced technology to create premium products. However, does this product have what it takes to repair a leaky gut and promote a healthy GI tract? We reviewed this formula and found a few elements that came up short when compared to our first product pick.

This is one of the products we found that has almost all the main ingredients known to be effective for healing a leaky gut. It falls a bit short of an ideal dose of L-glutamine at just 400 mg (instead of the clinically proven amount at 600 mg), which is an important amino acid known for its contribution to repair the intestinal lining. We were also impressed that the formula contains all 4 of the main herbs that help strengthen the lining of the gut: Licorice, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow and Aloe Vera. We hardly found any formulas that contained all 4 (besides for our first product choice). We also liked that Carlyle included Quercetin and Turmeric for added anti-inflammatory effect. While this collection of ingredients is certainly strong and many of them have been clinically proven to be effective for leaky gut syndrome, there were some ingredients that were sorely missing.

After analyzing the ingredients, we were left wondering why the manufacturer left out some vital ingredients. One of which is Berberine – a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. We would have liked to see an absorbing agent such as Piperine, a black pepper extract proven to increase bioavailability that significantly increases absorption for faster results. Another surprising ingredient that is missing is Acacia fiber, a prebiotic known to support a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. In fact there is no ingredient in this formula that points to supporting a healthy balance of gut microbiome, something we were surprised to discover considering the formidable combination of ingredients. An imbalance of good and harmful bacteria is characteristic of a leaky gut which is why we would look for an ingredient in a leaky gut formula that would combat this issue.

Taking this all into account, Carlyle is on the right track towards creating a powerful leaky gut supplement, but we definitely feel that this formula could do with a few extra tweaks such as adding a bioavailable form of Berberine as well as adding a prebiotic such as Acacia Fiber. Keep reading for other elements we discovered about this product.

Is Carlyle Leaky Gut Support Effective?

There are two main indicators we look at to see how effective a product is, the first is looking at the feedback from actual customers to see how satisfied they are with the results and whether they would recommend it to others. The second indicator we look at is whether there is a satisfaction guarantee or not. A satisfaction guarantee instills a confidence in the consumer that ensures he has nothing to lose by purchasing the product. This says a lot about a manufacturer. Unfortunately in this case, we didn’t find either. We couldn’t find any real customer reviews that stated whether this product worked for them or not. Naturally, we were surprised, considering the relatively strong formulation of ingredients, however we also discovered that the product is only sold via third party websites and there doesn’t seem to be much information available regarding the actual manufacturer. This leaves us somewhat skeptical.

Unfortunately we found that there is no satisfaction guarantee offered for this product either. The third-party store that sells this product offers a 30-day offer for returns for items that have not been used. This does not include opened items, which means if you don’t feel that this product is making any difference, the manufacturer holds no responsibility and you have lost your money. We usually prefer a product that offers a grace period of at least a month so you have time to try out the product and see if it works or else send it back with nothing to lose. We were quite disappointed that this product has neither customer reviews nor a satisfaction guarantee.

Is Carlyle Leaky Gut Support Safe?

We did not find any ingredients in this product that would cause it to be unsafe, such as un-certified stimulant ingredients or questionable herbs. In general, Carlyle Leaky Gut Support is deemed to be a safe herbal supplement if taken according to the proper recommendations. There are no reported side effects and it can be taken with most medications.


Carlyle prides itself in producing supplements that are considered premium and priced at the best value. The company uses clinically researched ingredients and refrains from unnecessary extravagance. These are aspects that we applaud and appreciate. The element that particularly pulled us to this product however, is the promising list of ingredients included in their formula.

We didn’t find many formulas that included all 4 herbs that are known to be especially beneficial for intestinal lining repair, namely: Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow and Licorice. This highly impressed us. We also like that there is a generous amount of L-glutamine, although the company could have added slightly more than what is offered (400 mg compared to our first choice with 600 mg) as well as the anti-inflammatory Quercetin. However, we found some ingredients that are seemingly obvious additions, to be missing, such as: BioPerine®, Berberine and Acacia Fiber. BioPerine®, when combined with Berberine, creates a bioavailable antimicrobial element that expedites the absorption of the main ingredients, which means it makes it more effective with quicker results. We were also surprised that there is no element added to combat the issue of imbalanced gut flora, such as the prebiotic Acacia Fiber.

We were hoping to find customer reviews, however we couldn’t find any on the third-party site, and there doesn’t seem to be a manufacturer’s site to back it up. While this may be common practice among some manufacturers relying solely on third-party sites, it is slightly unnerving as a customer trying out a new supplement.

We were also disappointed that there is no satisfaction guarantee, only a returns policy of 30 days for unused items. This comes across as stale and frankly gives the impression that the manufacturer has absolutely no confidence in his product whatsoever.

We liked this product because it has clear, pure ingredients that are natural and essential for a good leaky gut supplement. They are definitely on the right path to creating a top product, using these quality ingredients. We feel this supplement was almost there, but would need a few more tweaks and quality reviews to be in our number 1 spot.

Sally Harper, Senior Editor

Sally graduated with her BSc in Nutrition as well as her MSc in Obesity Science and Management. She worked for over 10 years in the commercial sector treating obesity and is an advocate for a ketogenic lifestyle and the benefits it provides. As senior editor, Sally is responsible for all the content published on this website. From delegating writing assignments to proofreading reviews and articles, there is nothing that escapes her notice or her razor-sharp grammar skills. She is passionate about bringing health concepts and truth to the public and helping to dispel common myths that stop people from functioning at their optimal health levels. A self-proclaimed foodie, Sally’s kitchen is always churning out low carb feasts for herself and her partner of 3 years. When she wants to get her heart rate up, she goes for long runs in the hills with her dogs, Max and MCT.

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